Welcome Delaware Patriots

We are an educational and issues based organization centered around the Constitution.

We are dedicated Delaware citizens that provide vital information so that informed decisions can be made. We believe that education and participation in monitoring government activities is crucial to returning our Country to its founding principles.

The 9-12 Delaware Patriots meets monthly in both Kent and Sussex Counties. In addition to the monthly meetings in Kent and Sussex Counties we send weekly newsletters, event updates and call to action alerts; our lobbyists monitor and prepare call to action alerts in reaction to legislation from the De General Assembly; organize bus trips to major rallies, host educational seminars and social events; and organize local rallies and special events.

The 9-12 Delaware Patriots has made a measurable impact on our legislative climate in Delaware through our grassroots efforts.

The 912 Delaware Patriots do not espouse “confrontational politics” in any way. We do not ‘bully’ to persuade.

We open our doors to all political persuasions but realize that this organization holds its greatest appeal with those who support the 9 Principles and 12 Values the group was formed on.

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