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2011 African American Days



Today's issues and events have the potential to change the vision of our great nation as presented by our Founding Fathers as put forth in our Constitution. Overcome political correctness - don't be afraid to speak out! The challenge this generation faces is probably the greatest "crisis" since the revolution and demands bold, fearless and unwavering participation from our patriotic citizens. We all gain strength and inspiration from one another; let's forge ahead with one voice, one vision - Protect Our Constitution!



Display Lawn Signs

We are a grass roots organization of over 2,000 concerned Delaware citizens determined to work peacefully to steer our country back to the beliefs of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution. We have bi-monthly meetings in all 3 counties, scheduled events, weekly newsletters and call to action emails. Join us today!

We are over 2000 strong and growing every day!

We are making a difference in Delaware!

Join us today!


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